Jeff Gordon Wine Stands Strong in Celebrity Wine Test

Four-time NASCAR SpJeff Gordon Winerint Cup Series Champion Jeff Gordon has been in the wine business since 2004; he’s not the first or last “celebrity” to produce, endorse or lend his name to fine wines.  He is very active in the production of the wines using some of the finest grapes from the Napa and Sonoma Counties of California.

The question is: how do Gordon’s wines stack up against other celebrity wines? put Gordon’s 2011 Carneros Chardonnay to the test against wines produced by 14 other “celebrities:  Antonio Banderas, Fergie, Dave Matthews, ACDC, Wayne Gretzky, Drew Barrymore, Emilio Estevez, Train, Jeff Gordon, Sting, Mario Batali, Francis Ford Coppola, Kyle MacLachlan, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, ACDC, and Natalie Oliveros (aka Savanna Samson).

The test was conducted by Michael Madrigale, the 2012 Food and Wine and Wine Enthusiasts sommelier of the year.

Madrigale’s Notes described Gordon’s wine as: “Buttered popcorn, Oaky, Full-blast California chard, but not bad.  Has a backbone to it.”  The overall verdict in the story was: “Given the wine’s NASCAR pedigree, we were surprisedJeff Gordon Wine2 at how nice it was.  Solid option, although not a bargan.”

Gordon’s Chardonnay retails for about $45 per bottle.

So, how did the four-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champions wine fare?

How about a top-five finish (5th) and being called the “Darkest Horse”?

To see the final rundown, check out the story:

Gordon’s appreciate of wine goes back to 1995 after winning his first NASCAR Championship.  While celebrating in London at an upscale restaurant he opted to get the “full experience” with a high-end bottle of white burgundy. One sip and he declared it “white gold” and his passion for win started.

Jeff Gordon Wine is available at restaurants in California, Virginia, North Carolina and Texas or at .

– Steve Post, @ThePostman68

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